A Physician’s Perspective: An Overview of Some Problems Associated with Trans Ideology

Working Hypothesis: Post-Feminist mass culture has uncritically adopted a view of how the language of sex and gender works that is both sexist and incoherent.

Comment: This would not be a problem except that it is a view that has been medicalized through the work of transgender advocacy. It is heartening to see a physician questioning the standards of care for gender non-conforming children that have been so uncritically derived from this incoherent popular philosophy of gender.

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

This post comes from a US physician.

Health professionals behind the “trans youth” ideology advocate a new scientifically baseless standard of care for children with a psychological condition (GD) that would otherwise resolve after puberty for the vast majority of patients concerned.  Specifically, they advise:  affirmation of children’s thoughts which are contrary to physical reality; the chemical castration of these children prior to puberty with GnRH agonists (puberty blockers which cause infertility, stunted growth, low bone density, and an unknown impact upon their brain development at least for the duration they are on the drugs), and, finally, the permanent sterilization of these children prior to age 18 via cross-sex hormones.

There is an obvious self-fulfilling nature to encouraging young GD children to impersonate the opposite sex and then institute pubertal suppression. If a boy who questions whether or not he is a boy (who is meant to grow into a man)…

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