The New Statesman’s Admirable Attempt to Sort out The Gender Identity Confusion

Where personal identity is concerned, there is a widespread naive attempt to situate it in the brain to adapt the superstition of the self to a secular humanist world that relies heavily on a naive scientific materialism that most people don’t even recognize as something they believe in. And yet it is there whenever a question of identity is raised, fixing in place the role of individual as submissive subject to the mass cultural war machine.

It is becoming more and more visible in the gender wars that are brewing in Anglo-American Law. We might learn something from how the Iranians use these same issues as a means to oppress homosexual men. But that would require thinking about things rather than uncritical acceptance of the fashionable explanation of the moment. This is the religion of the depeche mode, and I worry we will reap what we have sown.

New Statesman: What is Gender Anyway?


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