On being a liberal heretic, trans-activist thought policing, and the 1st Amendment

This writer expresses clearly and succinctly some of the thinking that motivated me to create this blog. I don’t agree with everything here, in particular the idea that there’s some sort of Liberal Media Machine that is directed by something other than groupthink and advertising revenue. But the rise of the long dormant totalitarian left in the United States should be an alarming development to all right thinking people. And yet there are so few who seem to care…


There’s a red-diaper baby named David Horowitz, who, after many years as a prominent activist, flipped from the far left all the way to the conservative far right. He’s the editor of a right-wing journal, and the tagline on his site is


I used to scoff at the utter absurdity of that notion. Everyone knows that to be on the left is to value free speech, human liberty, social justice, and equality—the complete opposite of authoritarian thinking.

But I now understand what he means, despite stringently disagreeing with nearly everything he stands for politically.

I’ve been a knee-jerk leftist my entire adult life. Like many of my ilk, until recently, I had pretty much endorsed every tenet of progressive-liberal dogma as received wisdom, not bothering to give any of it much thought when it came to the voting booth, or whose side I was on in any debate about politics…

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