“I Was Not Given Options Other Than Transition:” Another Open Letter to Therapists from a Detransitioning Woman

this is not just a theoretical confusion, it affects the health and lives of real people.

First, Do No Harm: Youth Gender Professionals

This post is from Cari, who is 22. She began transitioning at 15 and began medically transitioning with testosterone at 17. She eventually had a mastectomy before deciding to begin detransitioning earlier this year. You can read more about her experience on her blog  guideonragingstars.tumblr.com as well as here. Thank you so much for your contribution!

When I try to think about the care I wish I had when I was transitioning, a few different things come to mind, but the single biggest one is the fact that I was simply not given options other than transition.

When it comes to picking apart the reasons for my dysphoria itself, it’s easy to point to something in hindsight, but the truth is I was a stubborn child and am now a stubborn adult, and it’s possible I wouldn’t have been receptive to treatment for these issues anyway, once I had set…

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