Cytyzen Cypher is a mask we created to be able to talk publicly about things anonymously. We are anonymous. That’s really all the reader need know.

We are given to criticize various aspects of identity politics. As such, it is likely that some readers will wish to assign an identity to us in order to dismiss the ideas published here without considering their merits. This is an error and hypocritical to boot. However, if the reader needs such solace from dissent in order to restore a feeling of moral comfort after having read something here that disturbs them, we do not wish to deny such comfort to anyone. Believe, therefore, whatever it takes to get you through the day, and do so with our blessing. Here is the information with which we may be categorized and dismissed:

We live in the United States. We were also born in the United States and were raised in the United States.

We speak English as our first language.

If you believe that it is a meaningful piece of information: we do not claim any gender identity. In the language of trans* inclusive identity politics we are either “agender,” “nonbinary” or “gender fluid” depending on what you mean by those terms. We do not believe that those terms are meaningful, but there you go. We do not care what pronoun you choose to use for us so long as it is clear in context. The singular they is probably least misleading, and for this reason we use the first person plural to refer to ourselves as a bit of a nerdy inside joke among ourselves. We confess to enjoying the apoplexy this may cause language mavens and/or other self-styled militant grammarians. She, it, he, that, or smirnoff are all equally appropriate words to refer to us. Just be consistent.

Our skin is low in melanin, our hair is straight and brown, our eyes are light colored, we have a prominent nose, and we are somewhere in the 99th percentile for both height and weight.

We are sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex.

We are culturally christian and largely non-observant. We do not believe in a personal god, and doubt the existence of an impersonal one, but who knows?

We are self-employed in a regulated profession and have several college degrees, including one with the word “doctor” in it. Please do not refer to us as “doctor.”

We were raised in a working class two parent household.

Our current income places us in the bottom 50 percent of wage earners in our state.

We are romantically monogamous.

We were born on the cusp between Generation X and the Millennial generation.

If the reader wishes to know more, she should read the blog. We are the minds that generated those thoughts.